Doug Robb Calls In To TRL Monday

Doug Robb of called in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to world premiere the group’s new video for ‘Running Away.’ Doug talked about touring, being sick, not having normal lives, and the new video. Check out the transcript by reading on.

Carson: Mr. Robb, Doug Robb are you there?

Doug Robb: Yeah, yeah.

Carson: What ‘up, how are you doin’.

Doug Robb: What’s going on.

Carson: It is carson on trl. About to premiere “Running Away” you are
on tour with 311 where might you be now.

Doug Robb: We are in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska.

Carson: Isn’t that where you are from?


Carson: Doug –.

Doug Robb: You guys are a bunch of liars. You’re not all from Nebraska.

Carson: What?! How is the tour goin’?

Doug Robb: Great, it’s going great. I wish i could stay healthy of I’ve
been sick since the last time I saw you.

Carson: The last time I saw you, about 3 or 4 weeks ago were you drinking
the nastiest green tea milk shake concockshun that reeked. What was that.

Doug Robb: Like some Chinese, I don’t know it is this tea, though.

Carson: Right and you haven’t been better. Why don’t you with a z-pack,
hollywood drugs

Doug Robb: I’m kind of anti-drugs.

Carson: No wonder you are sick. Take antibiotics.

Doug Robb: I’ve been on them. I got am cortizone shot in my ass, so.

Carson: How do you play and expert all that energy when you don’t feel

Doug Robb: I do not know all smoke and mirrors.

Carson: When you are on the road and seems like forever now i think
you’ll go out with Incubus, do you get a chance to lead a normal life or
is it all soundcheck, shows, bus, tour have any of you seen like “Panic

Doug Robb: Ha-ha, no. I haven’t seen “Panic Room” although I do want
to see it. I guess our normal lives have become soundcheck, show, bus,
soundcheck, show, bus. And you know i think we are all kinda gettin’ used
to it, though.

Carson: Let me talk to you about this video for “Running Away” Paul
Fedor, I believe directed it sort of a dark lookn P.O.D.’S “Youth of the
Nation” and vibrant look of Adema. What did you do for your video and what
suld we know before we premeire it.

Doug Robb: I do not know such a cool guy to work with he had great ideas
and powerful images that he shot. The song is basically, you know, your
relationship song. There are great images that go along with the video.

Carson: Right. Okay very good. Doug thank you forakin’ time to call
n.’Hope you get better and say hi to the guys as well.

Doug Robb: All right I want to say thanks for havin’ and [inaudible]
I’m sorry we can’t make your wedding. A good friend of ours we will miss
his wedding because we are on tour all the time.

Carson: All right. Party on. Thank you Doug.

Doug Robb: Yeah.

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