Donna C. Shocked By Band’s Sudden Success

Keith Ryan Cartwright of Entertainment Today chatted with Torry ‘Donna C’ Castellano of the Donnas and quizzed the drummer about the band’s sudden success, which has seen them perform on Saturday Night Live and get heavy play on MTV. “I always wanted to play on MTV and Saturday Night Live is crazy and, I mean, we love to tour, but it is still kind of shocking when it happens,” she said. “You know what I mean? I think it’s been pretty gradual and I also think it’s been pretty up and down, you know, we’ve been on the countdown for TRL for a couple of days. I remember the first day we found out we were on TRL we were playing a show that was half full and the crowd wasn’t very excited, but it’s what we want and it’s exciting for us.” has since shut down.

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