Dogs Die in Hot Cars Can’t Describe Their Music

Dogs Die in Hot Cars are this kind of funny ska band whose album ‘Please Describe Yourself’ is littered with unusual art referencing current British visual art. “So many people say ‘how do you describe your music,'” frontman Craig Macintosh, who wrote most of the band’s songs, tells Australia’s Beat magazine. “The answer is, nobody can; nobody can give a definitive answer. So the idea for the artwork is that nothing needs to have a clear meaning. At the same time you can always find meaning to anything, do you know what I mean? So we put in pictures that were pretty random, from our friends, a couple of paintings by my mum – the one on the cover is by my mum – a few by a friend of mine, some I did myself, we wanted to do these images. You know how when you go to the art gallery there’s often a plaque next to it with an explanation of the picture? When you’re told the meaning it loses its purpose. There’s no coherency to the pictures and the lyrics on the album, but people can subjectively make the link themselves.”

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