Documentary Unmasks Slipknot’s Alleged Destruction Of Des Moines Bands

Filmmaker Chad Calek spoke with MTV News about his latest “documentary,” ‘A Clown Short of Destiny’, which follows the controversial rise of from the cornfields of Des Moines, Iowa, to the horn-throwin’ crowds of Ozzfest. But it also chronicles the band’s alleged attempts to disgrace their hometown hard-rock scene and the effect that had on dozens of local bands. “The story isn’t about SLIPKNOT’s music,” Calek explained. “I love it. I think they’re one of the greatest metal-rock bands that ever lived. I own all of their records. And when SLIPKNOT exploded, they didn’t owe anybody anything. … But there’s a difference between not supporting [a music scene] and trying to destroy [one]. That’s the line you see them cross in this film.” Read more.

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