Dizzy Read Praises Axl Rose, Blasts Rolling Stone

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed recently spoke to the Rock Journal about his relationship with the group’s notorious lead singer, Axl Rose. Asked how he gets along with Rose, Reed replied, “I think he’s one of the coolest, most giving, warmest people I’ve ever met. Sure he’s temperamental, but he’s a good friend. Seriously though, he’s a good guy.” With regards to whether he thinks Rose is being treated unfairly by the media, Dizzy said, “It’s ridiculously unfair. It’s just total creation of the media. For some reason, when the media turns on someone, they just let him have it and it’s completely unfair. The thing is, a lot of it happened when he kind of disappeared for a long time. So he wasn’t around. Rolling Stone put out a whole article based on interviews of people that… well, they put him on a cover and never spoke to him at all about anything to sell their fu**ing magazine. They basically just collected a whole bunch of negative comments. You could go around with you or me or anyone in this room and talk to people that they’ve known their whole lives and say, ‘Come on, give me some dirt,’ and there’d be something and then you could write a fu**ing article about it and make them look like sh**, and it would all be factual. They just did it to sell their fu**ing magazine. That’s so fu**ed up. So it’s all bullsh**.” Rockjournal.com has since shut down.

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One thought on “Dizzy Read Praises Axl Rose, Blasts Rolling Stone

  1. Liz says:

    I like Dizzy. He is honest and seems like a good loyal friend to Axl. I do agree with what he says about the press being unfair to Axl. The press needs a whipping boy and they chose to talk smack about Axl since he wasn’t around to defend himself. That’s low in my opinion. I’m glad that Axl is back and is starting to put some rumors to rest. I don’t blame Axl for laying low and hiding out. Who would want to put up with that sh*t day in and day out.

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