Division Of Laura Lee Frontman Laments Boy Band Punk Rockers

Jeff Inman of Las Vegas City Life caught up with Division of Laura Lee frontman Per Stålberg who says it is time for musical acts to spout off about the state of things: the war, fundamentalism, the cavalier attitudes of a certain president. “All the punk bands nowadays are like boy bands,” he says, getting a bit angry. “They’re exactly the same as everyone else, just assholes with a different coat. And all those mall punks are everywhere, and it scares me. If you’re going to look and sound the same, can’t they be like Britney Spears rather than punk-rock bands. I’m not going to tell them to quit, but rock should be dangerous, and if you don’t understand that then you shouldn’t do it.” The full story at lasvegascitylife.com has since been removed.

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