Disturbed Urges Audience To The Brink

Cindy Barrymore of Metromix.com reviewed ’s concert at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday night where the band returned to their hometown of Chicago. Barrymore writes, “If Disturbed seems intent on reviving a hair band religion, the hairless Draiman has plenty of attitude to propel him. In keeping with religious, if not spiritual, themes running through the latest CD, a larger-than-life-size silver medallion dangled overhead, along with a red velvet curtain backdrop.” She added, “Disturbed always has been more impressive live than on CD. After three years as a major-label band, the band has come a long way since the January 2000 concert at Metro that instigated ‘The Sickness’ in the first place; although, this time the audience enthusiasm seemed a little stifled.” Metromix.chicagotribune.com has since removed the article.

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