Dio: Ozzy Osbourne’s Legacy Is Now Incredibly Tarnished

Ronnie James Dio recently spoke to Bob Ruggiero of the Houston Press about the man whom he replaced at the helm of Black Sabbath, . Calling Ozzy “a mumbling, semi-conscious reality sitcom star who shuffles around in his sweatpants scooping up dog sh** and being dominated by his shrewish wife and spoiled-ass kids,” Ruggiero asked the singer about the effect on Osbourne’s legacy in the wake of the MTV reality-TV sitcom that made Ozzy a household name. “Ozzy’s legacy is now incredibly tarnished,” Dio said. “I would be more concerned about the people I’m making music for. I thought he was supposed to portray himself better, but now they have him as some guy with an affliction. To see this happen…it’s sad. But it’s what he wants and there’s money involved. So who am I to say? It’s just sad, because he’s one of the guys who invented heavy metal.”

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