Dillinger Escape Plan Get Out The Vote

The checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Saturday (September 27) with the following message:

Ok check it out. If you live in the United States, this is pretty urgent. The voting registration deadline is coming up, go here to see when the deadline is for your state. Some are in like a week! That means that your registration has to be done and postmarked ON OR BEFORE the date next to your state. We aren’t coming out to endorse a candidate or influence your vote, we’re just trying to encourage you TO vote. That’s the important thing. It’s very easy to be an armchair revolutionary, or to say to yourself “ah it doesn’t matter it’s not gonna affect my life”. Even if you don’t think either of the candidates is Captain fu**ing America(how killer would that be?), you should view your status as a citizen of this country as enough reason to voice your opinion. Not just on the candidates, but on the propositions in your state! Find out what they are! Politicians pass propositions all the time that you never know about, propositions that affect your life on a statewide local level, that they sometimes HOPE you don’t find out about. If you believe in larger budgets for education in your state, have a stance on immigration, gay marriage, abortion rights, everyday sh** like money to fix the potholes down the street, etc…VOTE!

Check out the full message here.

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