Diamond Dave’s Groupie Drive-Thru Scheme

Van Halen singer developed a “streamlined” system of “ordering sex at shows” by distributing laminated backstage passes to the security staff – each marked with [the staffer’s] initials,” writes Ian Christe in ‘Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga’, out in August. “Then, from the stage, [Roth would call] out, ‘Blonde, pink top, sector A-4,’ pointing out the girls he wanted to see after the show. Whatever crew member’s name Dave saw flapping around the girl’s neck backstage at the end of the night would get a $100 bonus at breakfast the next morning. As far as intimacy went, it was a little like the invention of the drive-through window at McDonald’s, but the morale of tour staff remained high.” Check out more details from the New York Post.

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