Diamond Dave Takes Another Swipe At Sammy

Scott Cronick of the Press of Atlantic City spoke with before his show last night at Trump Marina Hotel Casino about his current tour, his forthcoming album, and Sammy Hagar — the other former Van Halen frontman. “The truth is we had a great time last year,” he said. “Like I said to him on the way in, ‘Let’s do a retrospective of one of the greatest barbecue bands in the history of the sport. You play yours and I’ll play mine. It may be the only time people will get a chance to hear all of the songs in one night.’ So I played my 22 huge hits and he played his three or four. I’d have him back to open up for me tomorrow if he would do it.” Asked if Hagar would have to open for him, Roth said, “I don’t really care. My self-esteem is not a question. It’s not ego. I know I’m not the best writer in the history of rock. There were better … like the Beatles. But it’s about ambition. And no one can top me in that department.” Roth’s new album titled ‘Diamond Dave’ drops on July 8th.

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