DevilDriver’s Fafara On Why He Quit Coal Chamber

Dez Fafara spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about transitioning to the nu metal act Coal Chamber to the groove metal act . “My favorite guys in music are people like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Danzig, Ozzy, Phil Anselmo,” the 41-year-old explained. “Those guys all had hooks in their music, and what we strive for is groove and hook, and we want to make sure that our sound is defining, which means we don’t follow or sound like anything else. That’s really important for us right now, especially at this early stage of the game. I’m not into that, and it was one of the same reasons that I left Coal Chamber, because it started following into a scene or a category and I wasn’t into it.” The band is currently touring in support of its third studio album ‘The Last Kind Words’, out now on Roadrunner Records. The article at has since been removed.

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