Deuce: I Made Hollywood Undead Sound Legit

Hollywood Undead

Deuce, formerly of , spoke with Geeks Of Doom in a Q&A about his forthcoming debut solo album ‘Nine Lives’ and his prior band, which Deuce said he viewed to be his band.

“Well yeah, I mean it’s not like someone else sat here and wrote the songs and said, ‘Hey, let’s do this, let’s do that,'” Deuce said about his Hollywood Undead role, which was filled by Daniel Murillo. “Not to be a dick, but it’s not like they were rappers before or they were artists before, like I was. I would just record them line by line to turn them into a rapper, to make them sound legit.”

Deuce left the band early 2010 over a dispute with Deuce employing Jimmy Yuma, who set up equipment for the group on tour, and amidst differing stories about why Deuce wasn’t there when the group went to fly out for a tour.

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