Deryck Whibley Upset Finding Paris Hard To Control

The New York Daily News reports frontman Deryck Whibley appeared to be upset when he made the South Beach party rounds after the Latin Grammys Wednesday night with girlfriend Paris Hilton and Ingrid Casares, who had earlier been reportedly in a lesbian canoodle with the hard-partying Paris. A source revealed, “Paris and Deryck looked all lovey-dovey at the party at [developer] Thomas Kramer’s house, but when Ingrid showed up, he started acting very jealous and steered them away from each other. Paris kept saying, ‘No, I want to speak with Ingrid’.” Now Whibley has a new reason to be upset, as the Daily News reports the hot-blooded hotel heiress was spotted getting awfully intimate the other night in a corner of Miami’s club Privé with Ashton Kutcher, who has been dating Demi Moore. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

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