Deryck Whibley Says Fan Choice Award Touched Avril Lavigne

singer Deryck Whibley explained to Sun Media why his wife Avril Lavigne burst into tears as she accepted her second MuchMusic award last month. “It was because it was the fan choice award,” he said. “It’s a funny misconception with her. People always think she’s really angry and she’s really mad and she really hates everyone, and doesn’t care about anything, when the thing she cares about most is her fans and her music … She’s so blessed by fans, and that’s the only thing she cares about, really, with this whole thing. I mean, she was crying – and she cried afterward, too. It was something that was so important to her. She has sold 30 million albums and she gets so much negativity thrown at her. Like anybody, the bigger you are the more people want to tell you they hate you, and the more people try to rip you apart. So when you get stuff like the fan choice award, and not the critic choice award or something like that, that’s the one that means something.” Read more.

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