Deep Thoughts On ‘Love’ With Fred Durst

frontman Fred Durst posted a new blog entry on ‘American Aliens’. “If I were to fall in love with a new soul today it would be something I have never experienced before,” Durst wrote. “The feelings I get that fall in the category of what I am calling ‘love’ seem to constantly evolve as I gain new perspectives along this journey of my individual life. What was once love to me has been erased by what is now love for me, but somehow they have remained constant in tone and surely have the ability, at any point in my life so far, to make me powerless. The spirit inside of me is a predator of energy and balance. Even if the new chemistry mirrored exactly a situation or love I’ve felt before it would still be different. That just boggles my mind sometimes.” The full post at has since been removed.

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