Dee Snider Talks With ‘Twisted Christmas’ ”Rival” Bob Rivers

Dee Snider was on the phone with Bob Rivers of 102.5 KZOK in Seattle on Monday (November 20) to talk about the first non live or compilation album since 1987, ‘A Twisted Christmas’. They talked about how Bob Rivers’ ‘Twisted Christmas’ CD title is conflicting with their new album, Bob’s effort to get ‘Twisted Christmas’ copyrighted but noting that Twisted Sister was given an exception, and how Bob was happy about this and hoped some stoners would accidently buy his album instead. They also discussed the hair metal genre, being targetted by Tipper Gore in the ’80s, how women are into their music, how selling their music for commercials being like selling junk in your garage, the changing distribution models of the record industry, what he’s doing for Christmas, and more. Audio at has since been removed.

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