Death Cab For Cutie: Pretty Sounds But Little Fury

Joshua Klein of the Chicago Tribune reviewed Death Cab for Cutie’s on Thursday (April 15) at the Vic. Klein writes, “The band’s many minor key workouts often blended into one dull hum, so much so that a handful of songs easily eclipsed the rest of the set. ‘Title and Registration’ actually boasted a real chorus and a deft tonal shift, while ‘The Sound of Settling’ — introduced as a ‘dance song’ — featured the type of big pop hook only a complete curmudgeon could dismiss. Yet too many songs came across like the title track from ‘Transatlanticism’, would-be epics surprisingly light on musical suspense. Death Cab for Cutie’s songs always seem to end up where you think they’re going, but for all the pretty sounds the band could use a little more fury.” has since removed the article.

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