Daytrader Debut Album ‘Twelve Years’ Out May 8th

Daytrader band

Daytrader has been building an intense anticipation of their full-length album ‘Twelve Years’ for more than a year now. Since releasing their EP ‘Last Days Of Rome’ in early 2011, they have been building their buzz with live shows. The band, featuring ex-members of Crime In Stereo, Latterman and Divider entered the studios with producer Mike Sapone to work on their debut LP. ‘Twelve Years’ will be hitting stores May 8th via Rise Records.

‘Twelve Years’ Track Listing:
1. Deadfriends
2. If You Need It
3. Firebreather
4. Skin & Bones
5. Lost Between The Coasts
6. After Image
7. Struggle With Me
8. Silver Graves
9. Heard It In A Song
10. Letter To A Former Lover

‘Firebreather’, the first song to be released from the record, can be heard via YouTube below.

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