David Lee Roth Suffers Peanut Allergy Emergency In Ontario

The Toronto Sun reports was suffering an allergic reaction to nuts and thankfully was pulled over by Oakland, Ontario police for speeding, getting paramedic assistance for the Van Halen frontman. “We didn’t run anything on it because it’s something we come across everyday,” Const. Larry Plummer of the Brant OPP said in regards to the officers not knowing who Roth was. “We try to protect people’s privacy when it involves personal information.”

Const. Chris Thompson, one of the officers who helped the 53-year-old rocker, admitted he thought there was something different about Diamond Dave. “At the time, I wasn’t star struck,” Thompson said. “I was just trying to help him. The guy stuck out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing – it’s not something you see in Oakland too often.” Read more.

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