David Lee Roth Explains Intruder Incident

Former Van Halen frontman was full of one-liners for Caley Cook of San Diego CityBeat. He also explained his side of the story regarding the intruder on his Pasadena property recently. “Anybody caught here at night will probably be caught in the morning,” Roth said about the incident. “I saw this guy race quietly across the backyard here. So, you know, I made a lot of noise and made him lay down in the sprinkler system and the cops came and took him away. You know, one of the beauties of a 20-gauge shotgun is that you don’t have to point it at anybody. In 20 languages, racking that thing twice in a silent night says, ‘What are you doing here?’ The police said I was insensitive to the guy’s needs and I said, ‘Oh, excuse me, was that low-fat crank in his pocket?’ Sh**. What are you doing in my backyard at 3:15 in the morning without a backstage pass! Jesus. You know, some people said that I never had a gun and that came out and I said, ‘Well, I never went down the driveway to show it to them and nobody asked if I had one in the house… Maybe you’re right, maybe the new low-fat meth makes you wanna just lay the fu** down and go to sleep in my sprinklers!’ Give him my connection’s phone number!” Read more.

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