David Coverdale Explains Whitesnake Return

Whitesnake 'Greatest Hits'

frontman David Coverdale recently spoke to the Mansfield News Journal about his decision to unpack his band out of the attic of “Headbanger’s Ball” obscurity for a tour, with hopes of not only reconnecting with old fans, but eventually, returning to the new record bin with a vengeance. “Too many things happened last year and I don’t ignore clues,” said Coverdale. “One of my former record companies called and asked if I wanted to do anything to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Whitesnake. And as soon as I agreed to do that, some very old friends of mine, the , asked if I wanted to co-headline with them. So, I really was a little bit shy about going back into what I would call the music business. I agreed to go out on kind of a testing-an-audience tour with the Scorpions and the response that my songs and the band received, if anything, was more than the last time in 1990.”

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