David Cook Performs Songs From ‘This Loud Morning’

David Cook standing on Walmart Soundcheck

Missouri singer/songwriter performed songs from his sophomore album ‘This Loud Morning’ during a visit to Walmart Soundcheck, including the first single, ‘The Last Goodbye’. Plus, the ‘American Idol’ winner discussed love, loss, and why ‘This Loud Morning’ is “the most therapeutic album I’ve written.”

“As I was writing this record, I got to this point where the world around me got a little loud,” Cook explained about the album title. “I had so much around me going on in my head that sleep became kind of my only reprieve. It just represents that loud reality we all have sometimes.” ‘This Loud Morning’ is out Tuesday (June 28) on RCA Records.

Check out a clip of David talking about performing in the studio versus live below, view the entire live set that includes ‘Circadian’, ‘Take Me As I Am’, ‘Paper Heart’, ‘Time Marches On’ and ‘The Last Goodbye’ at soundcheck.walmart.com/david-cook and see additional pictures from the appearance below the cut.

David Cook performs on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook and his band on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook live on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook singing on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook plays guitar on Walmart Soundcheck
David Cook on stage on Walmart Soundcheck

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4 thoughts on “David Cook Performs Songs From ‘This Loud Morning’

  1. Nemo says:

    Enjoyed this a lot! Cook’s new record is a pleasure from start to finish. Can’t wait to see him on the road–I’m sure the live show will rock like the last tour!

  2. Skitty says:

    I always like the Walmart soundcheck performances and this is no exception. Excellent.

  3. Cornucopia says:

    David Cook is really a treat; intelligent, great songwriter, incredible voice. His performances are wonderful; go see him live if you get the chance; he rocks out and interacts with the audience. He’s generous to charities, too. All-around great guy and talent.

  4. Michael Colo says:

    nice..! band david cook!!

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