David Cook ‘Light On’ Video

is out with the video to his new single ‘Light On’, directed by Wayne Isham, off the ‘American Idol’ season seven winner’s self-titled debut album, out November 18th on RCA Records. Watch it below.

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4 thoughts on “David Cook ‘Light On’ Video

  1. Tanja says:

    The song is great, David Cook sounds GREAT and he looks sexier than ever!!! (let me catch my breath) Could have done without that story line/actors. The only thing that gets my attention in the video is hot ol’ DAVID himself. Can they do a remake without those annoying others?

  2. Laurennn(: says:

    Love this song (:

  3. pRisCiLa says:

    the song sounds great…! and I love the history of the waiter who taught that his life was so bored, but when he saw a cute girl he got in love with her is a great history..! It’s a very sweet song…!

  4. Brian says:

    Light on is my favorite! Such a GREAT song and is SO cool! Its got to be the best he’s done. I get happy when I hear it on the radio. Kinda like I instantly connect with David.
    I just love it! And the video was super! Love his attitude and light cockiness….it comes out in his passion. Can we get an ‘AMEN’ ? lol

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