David Cook Comments On Prop 8

Logo’s newnownext.com spoke with about how ‘American Idol’ has given his career an “awesome springboard”, how he would have looked to had a career designing CD’s for artists given his design degree, what he thinks about California’s Prop 8 passing, and being influenced by Ani DiFranco.

“Human rights is human rights and I don’t really see how sexuality parlays into whether or not you’re a human being,” Cook said regarding Prop 8. “I grew up in a really cool area of the country where tolerance was kind of the norm. I can’t recall at any point in my life ever feeling uncomfortable about sexuality whether it be my own or anyone else… It’s an interesting time to be a homosexual in this country. I hope that very soon we get to this point where we look back now, [like] on women’s rights and that struggle in the 20’s – I hope this is another hurdle this country can overcome really quick.” Watch the interview below.

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