David Cook Amazed By Tour Response

sent out a message to fans on his YouTube channel on Wednesday (February 4). “The response to the tour so far has been amazing,” the ‘American Idol’ season seven winner said. “It’s been really cool to get the messages about sellouts and stuff.” As for cities he hasn’t been able to hit, Cook said if things continue as they have been, they’ll be able to do another tour leg and try to hit missed cities. Watch the message below.

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5 thoughts on “David Cook Amazed By Tour Response

  1. Bella says:

    Oh shucks! I wish I was back in college to see this!! :(
    Those students are so lucky!!

  2. BarefootServant says:

    Cook’s opening act is Ryan Star from the Rock Star Supernova Idol rip off show…. this is too funny for words… Are they serious? ROTFLMAO!! Change name from Declaration Tour to The Reality Show “Rawker” Tour… what a fu**ing joke.

  3. max says:

    Ah, these are 2 musicians who’ve been paying their dues in rock bands since they were in high school. Star has had a solo album label release before the company folded, while Cook has about 5 band and 1 solo album all independently released prior to their involvement on the TV shows. They can sing, write songs, and are pretty mean guitarists (Star is also a pianist). They’re legit. People should just get over their narrow-minded anti-TV show prejudices, and try listening to the music for a change. Real music fans know that good music can come from anywhere – a concert hall / the African bush / Sony Studios, wherever. These guys are good. And what’s more they’re good live, which is not always something you can say for those dominating top40 right now. Those college kids are lucky – $10 for what, 10-18 songs live?! Wow.

  4. John says:

    I just don’t get it though. The venues were already sold and selling out before they added Ryan Star. The students and scalpers are out of control. Ebay is selling tickets for between $400 and $2000. That has to stop. Yeah, Cook is a true musician. No concerns here. Wish him luck.

  5. Taryn says:

    Don’t know a thing about Ryan Star, but I’m going to hear DAVID COOK sing LIVE in concert in 2 WEEKS and you know, just hope the warmup dude has fun because COOK is gonna be Rocking the HOUSE!!! Hope he adds a bunch of legs to the tour.

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