David Bowie Concerned Over Crap On Radio

Carson Daly had David Bowie on Last Call on Wednesday and mentioned, “I’ve seen you at, like, the MTV Video Music Awards, and I think last year I remember sitting there when like, you know, *NSYNC or Britney Spears was on, and I remember just looking over at you and just thinking, like, ‘What does David Bowie think of this right now?'” Bowie responded, “It’s too easy, isn’t it? [ Laughter ] Let me go another way with that one. I think, you know, a major band in this country, for me anyway, during the ’80s were the Pixies. I thought they were absolutely necessary. A very, very important band. Charles was — or Frank, whatever, however you want to refer to him, is a fantastic songwriter, and they produce some really exciting music. Obviously, Nirvana was terribly influenced by them. A number of other bands were influenced by them. But they were never played on American radio, they never sold any albums, and they broke up. And I’m seeing that beginning to happen again over here. You’ve got bands like Granddaddy, Mercury Rev — Flaming Lips are getting some kind of exposure now right this second. But they don’t get played, they don’t sell albums, and if you’re not careful, they’re gonna go under. And more creative, really inventive artists are gonna disappear after two or three years ’cause nobody’s out there supporting them. Radio isn’t supporting them like it should be, and there is crap on American radio.”

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