Dave Williams – What Gave Him Inspiration In Life & Music

frontman Dave Williams gave one of his final interviews before his death to RockMonthly.net. Asked about what gives him inspiration in life and music, Dave responded, “Um…my friends, my family, my band. I write about stuff that has either happened to me or that I went through because I feel like that’s what most people relate to. You can be inspired by something so huge like nature when we’re out on the road. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things driving late at night and that’s definitely inspirational. But then something as small as…that beer that’s just the right tempature. That can be inspiring too! (Laughing) It just depends. I’m a pretty simple guy, and I like pretty simple stuff. I like to sit in the cheap seats at a ball game and eat hot dogs and drink beer. You know, I love my life. I’m surrounded by people that love me and that I love. It’s pretty cool man. And I’ve got one of the coolest jobs on the planet!” The site has since shut down.

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