Dave Navarro’s Post AVN Awards Report

The Panic Channel guitarist checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Monday (January 15), after participating in the AVN Awards. “So the AVNs are over and I have to tell you… I had a fu**in blast out there,” Navarro writes. “I have been to a lot of award shows in my days but none have ever been as fun and loose as the AVNs. They feel a lot more like a celebration of the industry than a competition. Perhaps the fact that I am not in the porn industry has a lot to do with how it came off in my eyes. It also felt like there wasn’t anyone looking for a poorly dressed entertainer or press looking for a screw up to blow out of proportion. It’s rad that the industry is so raw and in your face that there really isn’t any way to find ‘scandal’. I gave out two awards at the show then hit Vegas till the early morning. I don’t know why the music shows are so much stiffer… THAT industry has been fu**ing musicians for years!”

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