Dave Navarro Visits ‘Last Call’

‘Rock Star: Supernova’ co-host was on ‘Last Call with
Carson Daly’ on Wednesday night (June 28) to promote the CBS reality show. He talked
about the Supernova super group, how rock seems to be dying, band’s having
an outlet like Myspace for their music, his internet radio show, and what’s
up with his band The Panic Channel. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: Our first guest tonight has a new band, the panic channel, whose
album comes out august 15th. He’s also gonna be helping the band supernova
find a new lead singer on the new series, “rock star,” which is coming
out july 5th. Here he is, dave navarro. Dave?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What is happening? Thank you for being here.

Dave: I enjoy you, too.

Carson: Everything all right?

Dave: Yeah, it’s going well.

Carson: Talking to the girls all ready.

[ Light laughter ] What is — so, let’s talk immediately about the show.

Dave: “Supernova.”

Carson: Supernova, “rock stars supernova.” And this the —

Dave: This is the band with tommy lee from motley crue, of course, jason
newstead from metallica, and we got gilby clark, who was with guns ‘n’
roses for a time.

Carson: These guys were awesome.

Dave: Can you imagine finding a singer to front these guys?

Dave: Carso that’s the task at hand in the show.

Dave: We’re looking for someone to lead this bunch.

Carson: I mean, these are three of the greats that we all know and love.
Why can’t they find their own lead singer?

Dave: I think that — yeah, that’s a good question.

Carson: Maybe they could — but with the help of you —

Dave: The interesting thing about that picture is that tommy lee is
actually the one who’s most sedated in this picture, which i find —

Carson: We should play a game, “who’s not drunk?”

[ Light laughter ]

Dave: I don’t think there’s a clear winner in a game like that.

Carson: Well, this is crazy. So, how is that — how do you throw a novice-

Dave: I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening and why I love it so much.

Carson: Good, that’s why you’re here.

Dave: Is because this is a show — you know, rock ‘n’ roll seems to
be kind of dying right now.

Carson: Tell me about it.

Dave: A lot of the pop shows, you know, god bless ’em. You know, I have
no problem with the pop shows, but the art form of rock ‘n’ roll has kind
of taken a back seat. And what I love about “rock star” is that we give
16 hopefuls that have never been heard, they’re undiscovered, network prime
time slots and chances to do their craft in front of, like, 20 million
people a night.

Carson: It seems like in some of the other shows — I haven’t ever seen
a “rock star,” — it’s always about “american idol” or the pop star or
this or that.

Dave: Well, the thing about the pop world that I found is that you can
write a song to somebody, you can stick them with a great producer, you
can get a great video happening, and you can kind of tell ’em how to wear
their hair, and at the end of the day, they’re going to be marketable or
not. But with a rock singer, it’s like, it comes from the heart, it’s from
the soul, and it’s something you can’t teach somebody.

Carson: Right.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Dave: And last season — thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] And — and for me, like, last season, i got
a lot of heat for not being, you know, harsh enough with my comments. But,
at the end of the day, it’s either they have it or they don’T. There’s
not — I can’t tell somebody to feel something more.

Carson: Right. But you shouldn’t have to tell a real rock star to do

Dave: No. No, and so, I think, one of the reasons, getting back to your
initial question as to why they’re doing this is I think that these guys
have been around the block, they know the ropes, and they want to give
someone that chance.

Carson: You know what I like about it is that I’m not a big fan of the
whole, like, mixing and matching, like, “the search for the musician,”
because I feel like we both probably have so many friends that are in like
a [ Expletive ] Band somewhere, they’re paying their own dues —

Dave: I just, yeah —

Carson: But, you know, like, and this is why, like, when you hear, like,
“oh, dave navarro’s hosting a show like this,” and some people are like,
“why would he ever do that?” Like, there is prime time real estate. There
is a nice, like, access to help a rock star.

Dave: Absolutely.

Carson: And at least you’re doing that for, like, some real stuff.

Dave: For some kids that just deserve to be heard, first of all. And
then the songs that we have, like nirvana, the who, rolling stones, to
get that stuff on, like, prime time national television, that’s awesome.

Carson: Yeah, ’cause they can on get that now at 1:30 in the morning,
which just sucks.

[ Light laughter ] So you start with 16 potential —

Dave: 16 guys, they all live in the same house, or guys and girls, excuse
me — eight women, eight men. And night after night they do great songs,
and we —

Carson: Dave, let’s just say that these three dudes, knowing their resumes,
aren’t going to demand the girl.

Dave: I’m telling you, dude. And I’ve seen —

Carson: They have a choice between eight guys and eight girls?

Dave: I’d go with the girl.

Carson: Tommy lee, hello?

Dave: I’d go with the girl. I mean, you know, but I think —

Carson: You know them?

Dave: I don’t know them. I’ve met them, I’ve seen them. And they’re
an attractive bunch, there.

Carson: And they living together, also?

Dave: And there’s eight guys, too. What?

Carson: Are they living together, also?

Dave: Yeah, they’re living in the same house.

Carson: How did you put 16 potential rock stars in the same house? You
can’t get one in a hotel room.

Dave: I know, it’s amazing. And it’s a potential — it’s a potential,
like, clash of egos, and just like, it could be awesome television. You
know what I mean?

Carson: Oh, yeah, no, I’d like to live in the house. What —

[ Light laughter ] What exactly is your role in this?

Dave: My role, well, this season I’ve returned as an executive producer,
and along with that comes — for the judging panel, since there, like I
said, there’s like no way to judge a rock musician, we’re more or less
offering advice. And I’m bringing in guest judges from week to week. So
I have slash coming in. I got moby coming in.

Carson: You gotta make sure that it doesn’t suck.

Dave: Rob zombie’s coming, yeah, it’s going to be great. It’s gonna
be awesome. And those three dudes? It’s going to be amazing.

Carson: Let’s get back to the rock music thing for a second. I’ve noticed
— and, you know, i had a show at mtv, many, many years ago and I played
a lot of crappy music videos.

[ Light laughter ] And, you know, we had regis philbin here the other
night, he was giving me a hard time. “What ever happened to you? Carson
daly, you were huge!”

[ Light laughter ] That’s what he was doing to me. And I thought about
it last night. I thought, you know what happened is I got great taste in
music now. And now I have a little show here in the middle of the night
while america sleeps, but I have —

Dave: You have awesome band. You have an awesome band to prove it, by
the way.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: And it means something.

Dave: Yeah, no, of course.

Carson: I don’t care if 100 people are watching or 18 million people.
And there’s probably about 40, but —

[ Light laughter ] I now have a place to expose people to new music,
and that means a lot. I know that means a lot to you.

Dave: It really does mean a lot to me. One of the reasons why I did
this show is for that reason. And on my own time at home, I run an internet
radio station called “spread radio live,” which is — can be found at spreadradiolive.Com.
And what I do is every month I highlight an independent artist of the month
and put them in rotation, and —

Carson: You don’t have to do that. You’re dave navarro. You’ve got enough

Dave: It’s not about scratch. I don’t make any money doing that. It’s
all about the love of music.

Carson: I have a picture. This isn’t in, like, a studio, either.

Dave: It’s in my bedroom, literally from my bedroom.

Carson: Yeah, look, here’s dave, here. That’s just what he looks like
all the time, by the way.

[ Laughter ] And you just —

Dave: I’m broadcasting khz and killola from my bedroom.

Carson: That’s awesome. And then you find — I’m sure people must give
you music all the time.

Dave: Yeah, I get music — but I like to find it. Like, that’s to me,
like, the internet is like the new underground. And you can kind of surf
around —

Carson: Can I ask where you go? I want to write it down. ‘Cause I find
a lot of [ Bleep ] On the internet.

[ Light laughter ]

Dave: Well, you know what’s really amazing —

Carson: I’m looking for good stuff.

Dave: What’s really amazing right now is myspace because every band,
whether it’s a really huge popular band, or a, you know, a kid in iowa,
they have the same platform to get their music heard.

Carson: Starting to think that the myspace fans might slowly becoming,
like, “oh, really? It’s getting a little much on the myspace thing.”

Dave: My band’s on myspace, and we’re not necessarily a myspace band.
Do you know what I’m saying? It just — it’s what it is. It’s like an equal
playing field for people to just get their music and information heard.

Carson: Right.

Dave: You know what I mean? So it’s the same tools are available to
me as are available to anybody.

Carson: All right, we’ve gone — how’s carmen?

Dave: Carmen’s great.

Carson: Are you guys okay? ‘Cause I always read about the two of you.

Dave: Yeah, you know what? We finally — I don’t know if you can get
a shot of this.

Carson: Right here in the upper corner.

Dave: There you go.

[ Light laughter ] See that? Oh, the light’s on there. Here we go. Look
at that. We finally made the cover!

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] You know.

Carson: That’s too bad.

Dave: I don’t know where they get this stuff.

Carson: I think we all know this stuff’s crap. Like, you still have
to see this and then, you know —

Dave: It’s kind of amazing, when you look at —

Carson: But you guys doing all right.

Dave: Oh, we’re doing awesome. But, are you going to tell me that this
is not going to affect your home life? Look at that. It’s our wedding picture,
with it torn, it’s torn in half.

Carson: Yeah.

[ Audience aws ]

Dave: You know, and all that means is I can’t go to starbucks anymore.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, that’s —

Dave: “Are you guys okay? How’s carmen? Are you okay?”

Carson: Right, or a talk show.

Dave: Whatever, no, but we’re good. Thanks for asking.

Carson: I got — wait, so, we watch the tv show. There’s the radio show
that you can find on the internet.

Dave: Panic channel.

Carson: And then the panic channel’s coming out —

Dave: Hey, you got a picture of the boys there — if I’m not mistaken.

Carson: Of yeah, the panic channel I got here. When’s this record coming
out? August 15th?

Dave: August 15th.

Carson: I got a little panic channel here. By the way, it doesn’t sound
much like jane’s addiction. It’s a totally different sort of deal.

Dave: It’s completely different. It’s a brand new band. It’s — you
know, steve isaacs actually used to work at mtv.

Carson: Mtv, yeah. You met him in a bar? Is that true?

Dave: Met him in a bar. Actually, at the mtv movie awards — music awards,

Carson: I’ve been telling kids —

Dave: They all kind of blur together.

Carson: Just hang out in bars. You’ll meet a guy like dave navarro.
It’s a great place — forget myspace. Go to “my bar,” down the corner.

[ Laughter ]

Dave: Yeah.

Carson: Dave, we’re out of time. But, you’re the man.

Dave: All right, dude. Thank you so much.

Carson: Congratulations. Thanks so much. Dave navarro, everybody.

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