Dave Navarro Tiring Of Perry Farrell’s Excuses On Jane’s Breakup

With former Janes Addiction singer Perry Farrell blaming ’s shows ‘Rock Star Supernova’ and ‘Till Death do us Part’ on the band’s breakup, the guitarist is getting fed up on his blog at 6767.com, since the timeline doesn’t match with either television program. “OK… That’s reason number 4 isn’t it? He did it… We did it… Rock Star was the culprit… Now it’s TDDUP? This is getting laughable,” Navarro wrotes. “Once again that doesn’t make sense. The MTV show was wrapped after the wedding. I mean, that was the last day of shooting, which everybody was present for. There was nothing else to shoot. In fact, we went and played shows after that. As I stated before, I have no hard feelings and wish everybody well. I guess we’ll just stay tuned for reason number 5.”

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