Dave Navarro: There’s No Story To New Jane’s Addiction Album

Jane's Addiction perform amongst balloons

Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction spoke with 91X at X-Fest 2012 the other day. He talked about how on their non festival dates, “There’s a very interactive tour we put together. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the lobby, in the entry, on the stage, it goes back and forth with the audience and ourselves. It’s a little bit more of a theatrical production.”

Dave added that on their new album ‘The Great Escape Artist’, “There’s really no story to it. We recorded it. That for me, I know that you want an anecdote, ‘Well this time we went in there and we all took jacuzzi’s first’, but there is no anecdote. The deal was we got together with Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio, who was a good friend of the band and co-producer with Rich Costey and we just kind of went in there and abandoned every idea we had about ourselves and just kind of reinvented from there. What you have is a documentation from that.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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