Dave Navarro Talks About First Carmen Electra Date

Jane magazine talked to about his first ‘blind date’ with Carmen Electra. Dave says, “The moment she walked into the restaurant I thought, ‘I’m a dead man, it’s over. I’m done. Carmen was … much more beautiful than I expected, in a very classical way. I was very surprised and moved by her charming vulnerability.”

What really got to Dave though were Carmen’s eyes, “She had on this white fur coat, her hair down, and her eyes pierced my heart from 20 yards away. The first thing I did was buy her 1,200 pairs of sunglasses to cover up those eyes. I couldn’t risk anyone else having the same reaction.”

Carmen talked about her hairdresser who set up the romantic encounter and said, “My hairdresser knew him really well and wanted to introduce us. A year later, when I was starting to heal from my divorce, we went on a blind date. He’s smart and funny and because he’s gone through hard times, he doesn’t live in fear.”

The couple plan to get married sometime next year according to reports and are currently engaged.

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