Dave Navarro Sizes Up ‘Rock Star’ Elimination Choices

The Panic Channel guitarist and ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ co-host checked in on his blog at 6767.com on Wednesday (August 2). “I’m backstage at CBS waiting to get going on today’s elimination show,” he writes. “My money is on Jill or Zayra to go, but you never know, it might be time for Josh to go into his Hootie phase and hit the road. After watching the show last night, I really think Patrice is in danger too. She just didn’t sound so good on TV, plus she was super overshadowed by T Lee. In the studio when these guys are singing live, there is a lot of latitude in terms of sonic forgiveness. It always sounds better in the studio than it does on TV. The room sound, the live band and the PA all contribute to a better and fuller sounding performance. As for Zayra, we all know she is totally not right for the band, but I am starting to look forward to what the hell she is gonna do for each performance. It’s almost like we get a ten car pile up on stage on a weekly basis. She is kind of like the comedic intermission entertainment. After the show today, I am going over to Capitol for a press junket with The Panic Channel. It’s gonna be a long day!”

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