Dave Navarro Profoundly Moved After Meeting Holocaust Survivor

The Panic Channel guitarist checked in with fans at his blog at 6767.com on Sunday (September 3). “The Vegas trip was just insane,” he writes. “Great party at Pure followed by a lot of late rolling around from here to there. I didn’t sleep at all while I was there so I grabbed myself about 12 hours last night. Even though I do not drink or do drugs, I feel totally hung over somehow. Vegas will do that to you! Actually, the best part of my trip, the most enlightening part, was the flight home. I was seated next to an elderly woman who asked me about my tattoos. She then said, ‘I have one, but not by choice.’ She proceeded to show me a number tattooed on her left forearm. It turned out she is a Holocaust survivor. She had been in Auschwitz when she was a little girl. We spent the flight talking about her experiences and it was profoundly life changing for me. I am well studied in the history of the Holocaust and W.W.II, as I have read quite a bit of literature and watched a lot of documentaries on the subjects, however, all of the information out there never even scratches the surface. An amazing lesson in humility, gratitude, patience, perspective, love and tolerance. I had never met a survivor before that.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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