Dave Navarro Is Over The Supernova Gossip

The Panic Channel guitarist checked in on his blog at 6767.com on Tuesday (September 12) to discuss another rumor from Janet Charlton, who earlier claimed Lukas Rossi was chosen to be the winner a while ago. The ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ co-host writes, “There is one bit of online speculation that is kind of fun to address, if nothing else. Once again it comes from Janet Charlton: ‘Judging by his past badmouthing of this site, Dave Navarro isn’t going to like the following piece of information ONE BIT. Despite Dave’s protestations, readers of this site already KNOW who the winner of Rockstar Supernova will be. We have another tidbit of incriminating evidence to reveal: Promotional photos have ALREADY BEEN TAKEN of the winner with his new band!’ Oh, Janet… I never bad mouthed your site! However, when gossip bloggers become pseudo online celebs, it’s only obvious that they will wake up one morning in a glass house. I will give Janet this… She does have pictures of herself on her site and contact info. If a gossip columnist is willing to be that available, then they are in my book, a notch above all the others. In fact, I think that entertainment critics should be obligated to have their picture and a list of their top 5 favorite films, book and records made available. That way, we can decide if we even give a fu** where they are coming from. Anyway, back to the point. Janet says promotional pictures have been taken. In this digital age where we can crank out pictures in about 30 seconds and have them up and online in about 10, why would anyone even bother going through a charade such as that? In fact, what would be the point in scamming the public anyway? The Supernova guys have the final word either way. They can choose, three months ago or tomorrow and have the exact same outcome. Someone gets eliminated tomorrow and then we will have a final three, one of which Supernova chooses as their singer. At this point, I am over all the gossip, conspiracy and rumor surrounding the show.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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