Dave Navarro & Gilby Clarke Becoming ‘Rock Star’ Villains

The Panic Channel guitarist and ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ co-host checked in on his blog at 6767.com after Dana Andrews was voted off Wednesday night. “I guess it is no big shock that Dana went home,” Dave writes. “After all was said and done, Jill did really well on the Heart song and Patrice is, well, just more rock. No big controversy there, although I would have sent the three of them packing! It’s funny that Gilby and I are becoming the villains on the show. We just call it like we see it. Jason is more constructive and Tommy is so sincere that you can just read that guy’s face and know what he is thinking. I think it is a way better balance this season on the couch than last season. In some ways, I was more invested in the singers last year, cause I had more of an emotional connection with them. This year, I am more invested in the Supernova guys and their band, so I really feel the need to have their interests be the priority. I was, however, shocked and amazed that Zayra didn’t fall into the bottom three. I guess she is making great television and people are voting for her just to see what the next move is on her part… Or the next outfit!” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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