Dave Navarro Defends Jewish Related Tattoo Choices

The Panic Channel guitarist answered ten questions from visitors at his 6767.com site on Sunday (October 22), including one from someone who wanted to know how he justified having what the questioner considered anti-Semitic symbols on both hs arms, including the Aleister Crowley designs and the “Not by choice” tattoo, which the questioner said was a “wee bit silly” choice. “Well, I never have to justify any tattoo I get and I live with forever, but it is an interesting question so I will take it,” Navarro responded. “The ‘I have one, but not by choice’ tattoo documents a very powerful conversation I had with a Survivor. Yes, I know that the Jewish people don’t believe in tattooing the body, but guess what? I do! I am not Jewish. Therefore I can honor them in any fashion I choose. The Crowley design (Unicursal Hexagram) was originally created by The Golden Dawn, who had a deep understanding of Kabbalah. It wasn’t until later that Crowley adapted the symbol. Jane’s used the Hexagram as an early design and that is a major reason as to why I got the ink. Oh and by the way, half of the band’s members are of the Jewish faith. So, a wee bit silly? People get tattoos of running hot dogs and flying toasters… You can read into things all you want, but for me, both works are in honor of things that have affected me in a profound way.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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  1. Jesus is Lord says:

    Synagogue of satan, Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9
    Jesus is Love and Grace.

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