Dave Navarro Checks In From Atlantic City

checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Friday (January 26) in Atlantic City, the latest stop on The Panic Channel’s tour with Rock Star Supernova. “The tour has stopped in Atlantic City for an entire day off before the show tonight,” he writes. “I spent the day laying in bed watching movies, sleeping on and off and getting up once in a while to eat. I slept about 10 hours straight which is hard to do on tour. Our Canada shows went really well, and we had a blast up here, regardless of the arctic temperatures. Since Lukas is from The Great White North, there was a special buzz in the air for his homecoming. I’ll tell you this, the kid delivered! Probably his best two shows of the tour. We played Massey Hall in Toronto which is more of a theater and I have to say that it was amazing to play a smaller room with Supernova. People left their seats and came down front which is always inspiring for us. We love to see the faces and interact with the audience. Tonight in Atlantic City, the room has a similar vibe so we are looking forward to this. Everybody on this tour is having a great time and that is what it’s all about once you hit the road. Toby, Lukas, Dilana, TPC and all of SN… A great group of people. We have just over another month to go but if you ask me, it’s not nearly long enough. I could stay out here all year.”

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