Dave Navarro Checks In After Miami Trip

The Panic Channel guitarist checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Saturday (October 14). “So… Miami was a lot of fun,” he writes. “Hung out with some good people, so not so good people and some really bad people. Like I said, a lot of fun! Two late nights of parties and I can tell you this, as much fun as it was, I am SO ready to come home. South Beach is rad, but I swear, you seriously cannot go ANYWHERE without a blazingly loud house beat cranking. Go to dinner, house music, go to a club, house music, visit the dearly departed at a local cemetery… HOUSE MUSIC!!! Kind of amazing and awful all at the same time. I suppose I could describe it as the best worst time you could have… Hello?” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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