Dave Navarro Again Says It’s Time For Zayra To Go

The Panic Channel guitarist and ‘Rock Star: Supernova’ co-host checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Wednesday (July 26) after last night’s show. “I’m on my way to watch another Supernova hopeful get the hatchet! If it were MY band, Zayra would be packing her things and going home tonight, but that’s not my call,” he writes. “The guys sometimes surprise me with their choices, so it’s always just as much as a mystery to me as it is to you guys. There is something about Zayra that is entertaining to watch I will say. I really think that if she went into a more electronic/Peaches direction, she could be all right, but a rock singer she is not. It is a bizzare season because for me, it wouldn’t be a tough choice. The good news is that ones that evolve and grow, get to stay longer and hopefully learn something as well as get plenty of exposure and a crash course in this public life that they are living. Plus, it’s just more rock on Network Television, of which I am a huge supporter.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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