Dave Mustaine Recalls Mountains Of Cocaine During ‘Wake Up Dead’ Video Shoot

mainman Dave Mustaine reflected on bands party years in an interview with Revolver TV. “If you look back at significant landmark things in my career, looking at some of my videos, I can look at my face and say, ‘Yeah, I was partying there’,” Mustaine explained. “The video for ‘Wake Up Dead’, the band, Chris [Poland] and Gar [Samuelson] had some friends that had come to see us, and they brought mountains of cocaine, and no one could even speak, they were so high on blow towards the end of that night, so if you look at the video, and you watch it, the beginning is really fluid and really comfortable and towards the end we were ready to kill people.” Watch the comments and check out the ‘Wake Up Dead’ video, filmed in 1986, and draw your own conclusions below.

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