Dave Mustaine Looking Forward To Holland Visit

mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the “Forums” section of the group’s official web site: “Well, last night my plane tickets came for the trip to Holland and after locating my passport, I dragged my suitcase upstairs to start the inevitable and uneviable task of packing for the trip, and testing my failing memory.”

“I have to count how many days we are going to be gone and factor that against my nutrient regimen that I take to avoid TB, Blacklung, and the plague while touring. Half my luggage is all vitamins and books, and since I have started Gigantour, now there is no way that I can avoid taking a laptop again.

“We are going to be doing pre-production in Holland and are looking forward to hanging out with all of our fantastic Dutch Droogies and She-Wolves, but I must say that I am actually looking forward to going to the stallion farm again too!

“If you have never seen a Freisian Stallion, I mean a real million dollar one, you have got to see it to believe it. If I was a Stallion, this would be my choice (that and to be in a field of mares for the rest of my life).

“I am very excited about this trip, and even though there has been a lot said about my beliefs, that is private and personal and it will not affect any show that we do. Just an FYI, I am planning on adding ‘Rattlehead’ and hopefully something from ‘Rust In Peace’ to our set-list as soon as possible.

“And there are a lot of songs that are going to have to be stripped out of the set for the various shows and festivals we are playing. This will be good for us to hone down our set-list and polish up our material for Gigantour this summer too, since there are so many killer guitar gunslingers on it.

“I look forward to meeting you at the venues and airports and hotels again, so stay tuned to our beloved webmaster so he can tell you where we can be found to visit with you and thank you in person for your loyal support.

“After I leave on Monday, I am going to ask that if you have any email or questions for me, that you hold onto them until I get back from this trip. I will be back from my after-tour vacation in Spain on July 10th and I will be able to unearth my desktop from whatever emails you have then.

“Man, there is so much to say this morning, cuz I am going through a manic swing, but I will leave it at this: For the countries that we are not coming to, you will always have a place in my heart, for the countries that we are returning to, it will be good to be back amongst friends, and for the new countries we are discovering, I hope you will be entertained (destroyed actually).”

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