Dave Mustaine Checks In From Japan

mainman Dave Mustaine has checked in from Japan, where the group are currently touring in support of their latest release, ‘The System Has Failed’:

“This has by far been one of the best trips to Japan that I have done ever regarding seeing old friends. Nori, and Kaori met us in Fukuoka and we went out for the best sushi I have ever had, and yatai later that night, then sushi again the next night. I am so grateful of Nori and his friendship that I took my Megadeth Winter tour jacket off of my back and gave it to him.

“Kaori is one of the most elegant and classy Japanese gals I know and I wish she would move to America and be my assistant for my work and my family. I know that she would make my life and business so much better, but she has family here and I would never want to ruin our friendship.

“I saw Yuki, an amazingly beautiful lady inside and out, and here friends, and also my old cigar buddies Miho, Chinatsu, and Miki.

“Our visit to ESP confirmed to me that I am with the greatest guitar company in the world and I will be forever grateful to Matt Masciandaro for taking me on board and to Marsh Gooch (formerly with ESP, and now with Tascam) for presenting me to the company.

“I only wish that the record and ticket sales were better here, and I feel that is because the last time we were here we did not treat the shows or the fans like we should have, and now we are paying for it. They are very forgiving, but I know some fans may think they are going to see the same Megadeth that was just going through the motions when we were here last.

“I haven’t seen Marty [Friedman, ex-Megadeth guitarist], and maybe that’s a good thing. but I would have been respectful if I had.

“Lastly, I am stoked to be in the final countdown to go to Australia. I have found this country to be a version of what one would get if you crossed England with a beach city and everyone was happy and tan and good looking.

“I noticed that our fan of the week is a young Aussie gal and I enjoyed reading her info. As with almost all of the Megadeth fans, the stories are so engrossing for me.

“I believe I have the best fans in the world, and even though I have pissed some of you off over the years, as I return to my true form and true self, I am seeing many of you return. Thank you for being a part of my life again, and I hope to see you on the Killing Road this summer in Europe or North America, or the end of this year if and when we decide to do anymore shows after South America. I am not going to ever consider stopping this tour until we play Buenos Aires.

“I love you all and please get your tickets early for Gigantour. We will post all kinds of info about the tour and the set-lists and times at the official Gigantour website.”

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