Dave Grohl’s Future Revealed

Tom Sinclair of Entertainment Weekly gave his prediction what frontman Dave Grohl will be doing in the future. Sinclair writes, “After retiring the Foo Fighters name in 2008, Grohl enjoys steady solo success with albums of increasingly country-tinged, Tom Petty-type pop songs. Greatest hits boxed set ‘Ah, Fooey!’ sells well in 2010. But after his all-acoustic 2013 album, ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry: Dave Grohl Sings Hank Williams’ moves 25 million copies, Grohl (who suffers from tinnitus by now) vows never to plug in again, and is embraced by the country music community. In 2021, Country Music Weekly runs a long profile revealing the star’s ‘surprising’ past as an alternative rock drummer.” Read more.

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