Dave Grohl Wants Led Zeppelin Reunion Drummer Job

frontman and former drummer Dave Grohl tells CDNow.com that he’d like to get the drumming job on a reunion tour instead of the son of the late drummer John Bonham. “Here’s my new mission. Led Zeppelin is doing a reunion tour. John Paul Jones, Robert Plant. I gotta get that drumming gig. I gotta do it if Starkey don’t get it,” Dave tells writer JT LeRoy in the next issue of Flaunt magazine. “This is my mission. I have John Bonham tattoos … one on my wrist, one on my shoulder, another on my shoulder. This is the first time I’ve ever said this in an interview. When I was a kid, I actually had this freaky séance thing where I lit all these candles and I was sitting in front of this three-circled thing, like I sold my soul to Led Zeppelin. It’s so retarded.”

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4 thoughts on “Dave Grohl Wants Led Zeppelin Reunion Drummer Job

  1. edward says:

    Even though I’m not famous, I would drum for Zeppelin. Why? 2 reasons : 1) in late 1980, I dreamed I saw a man riding a sandstorm and what sounded like a mix between rolling thunder and a locomotive coming from inside the storm. It was J.B., and as he ‘rode’ near to where I was standing he opened his mouth, looked straight at me and said something that sounded like ‘zoehf’. No idea what that meant, but within a month of this I was playing drums along with Zeppelin tunes and also bands like rush, and anything else that sounded like them. I was 14 at the time and had never ‘played’ before. and 2) I now know what he meant when he said ‘zoef’ to me …

  2. Digital D says:

    Zoef means play the drums like thunder in Swahili. And you should. I do know however that Dave Grohl Has sold his soul that early morning in Sept. in 1981 . And he still has to pay so, You’re out and he’s in .

  3. Digital D says:

    I have also heard through the dead grape vine that JB is rolling over in his grave at the obvious lack of attention his son has payed to The Zep Discography . Do yourself a favor Lads and grab up Dave while he’s still available . Wino and Lemmie Did . And it sounded Great.

  4. JB says:

    Let’s face it, Jason only got the job because the rest of the band thought it would be more fitting to have Bonham seniors son sat behind the kit. He can obviously play well but in no way has his fathers feel or talent. Give the job to Dave Grohl cos that man can play anything anywhere and has more musical passion than most people in the music scene today. Obama out! Grohl for president! haha

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