Dave Grohl Talks About His Kurt Cobain Dreams

Former drummer and current frontman Dave Grohl tells Flaunt magazine that he still dreams about Kurt Cobain being alive. “I have dreams all the time. I have dreams about once a month,” he admitted. Describing one such dream he recently had, Cobain said, “Well, they’re usually all the same, but in all of them it’s prior to his death. He shows up in my dreams, and I’m like holy sh**! You’re not dead, and it’s like it was some big secret or some big joke and then you can’t wait to tell everyone. Then you wake up. Within them there’s the same conversations that always happen. In those dreams, he’s never dead; he’s always alive, so I think it’s kind of cool. I think there’s a whole lot more to the spirit than people can even comprehend. I think there’s more … it’s even too much bravado and egotistical for human beings to think that we’re the end, all that their minds are capable of understanding the universe. It’s not possible. Fu** you for telling me life can’t exist outside planet Earth. How do you know? There’s romance and mystery or the thrill of the chase, whatever. I’m not willing to make up my mind yet.”

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3 thoughts on “Dave Grohl Talks About His Kurt Cobain Dreams

  1. jeanette says:

    I have been drawn to Kurt for about a week now crying that he did it, I miss him so much because he was so different, and exactly my type look wise. Your music then was heaven to me! I said oh my g-d we finally have something new, awesome, and great here! I felt the same about Jeff Buckley.
    Last night I was dreaming that I was with Kurt. We were talking, he carried his guitar. We were in a bad neighborhood, and I was trying to get some pot. But,when I was with Kurt none of that mattered, in the dream I thought I wanted to kiss him but, I felt more like a friend, and he don’t know me at all, and I am 56, but look more like 46 or even younger people tell me.
    It was like we were in a place that was like nighttime with crumpled buildings, and he was just looking at me smiling. Next stop, then he was sleeping and his ex-wife came in the room all made up in very colorful make-up and hair, and she was acting like happy and fun, and all her friends circled his bed so I couldn’t’ see, and she stabbed him. I’m sorry to put this on you, but I have no one else to talk to, I feel he came to me in my dreams because I was Googling “i want to die” as I seem to do every time my birth date is near 8/21, It led me to looking at all his videos I have not seen. I am still so hurt that he did this. I wish he would appear to me again, and help me, and say “I made a terrible mistake and I am counseling those who killed themselves in my mansion in the heavens.

  2. gigi says:

    I dream about him occasionally. Even though I’m too young to have ever know him alive. I love Nirvana’s music and am glad I at least get dreams about him.

  3. justin says:

    Jeanette! really a week and you cry over him you probably don’t know anything about him come on and really your type looks wise look at the person look who he really is come on

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