Dave Grohl Opens Up About Kurt Cobain

Rolling Stone caught up with frontman Dave Grohl in a Q&A and asked the former drummer what the last year of the group was like before Kurt Cobain’s suicide. “You just never knew. There were times when the room was lit up with energy and happiness, and there were times when the vibe was like the fu**ing plague,” Grohl said. “The last year, being in that band was rough. There was a whole lot of dark sh** going on. At that point I was living this wonderful, healthy life outside the band, but when I’d enter a band environment, that all changed. It wasn’t a lot of fun. But when Pat Smear joined the band, it changed everything. We went from being fu**ing sulking dirtbags to kids again. It changed our world. He’s the sweetest person in the world. He became really close with Kurt. There was laughter.”

The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed/relocated.

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