Dave Grohl On Working With Lemmy

In an interview with Fuse TV’s ‘Uranium’, set to air Friday at 5 PM, singer Dave Grohl talked about what it was like to work with his heroes, like ’s Lemmy on Probot. “[Lemmy]’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met,” Dave said. “Super funny, but he has moments of dead seriousness when you’re talking about certain authors or history, he’s an expert. But like [Wino] said, Lemmy’s pretty much a stand-up comedian. He was so pro in the studio, I was so nervous I actually had this one song I was gonna give to him but I wasn’t sure about it, like ‘Oh is it good enough?’ So he shows up at the studio and he says ‘Who wants a drink?’ So I was, like, sure I’ll try to keep up with you so he goes straight to sink and pulls a dirty pint glass out and fills it up with Jack [Daniels] and a little coke and we sat around talking. After a couple of those, I thought ‘Sh** I got to get him in front of a mic before he falls out.’ I said, ‘So what do you think about the song?’ And he wrote two different songs and said, ‘Tell me which one you like.'”

“To stand there listening to playback with him singing his song ideas in my ear, I was like is this really happening? Lemmy is singing like in my ear. He sang it twice we had to crank the mic up like this (adjusts mic really high to aim down) and just stood there with the paper. Then he played bass maybe two takes and then it was done. And after it was all done he was like, ‘Who wants to go look at some tits?’ He is a great man.”

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