Dave Grohl Leaves New Message For Fans

Dave Grohl posted a message to fans on his official site’s message board Tuesday. Dave says, “We’ve finished 6 songs, and are going out to LA to do the rest. Need a change of scenery. The basement was getting smaller and smaller. It’s no fun feeling like a rat in the sewer, never seeing the light of day, only coming out at night to hit up the 7-11 for slurpees and microwaveable pork cracklin’s.” As for their trip to New York, Dave said of being on with the other Dave, “Letterman… oh, Letterman… could that guy be any cooler? I mean, I remember watching that show EVERY FU**ING NIGHT when I was a teenager. I was raised on that sh**, and think he’s even funnier today than he was then. Of course, having Jack Black on the show with us was a treat. I think he should just drop his movie career and join our band, because his back-up vocals were nothing short of Bee Gee’s quality sh**.”

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